The end is near and deadlines must be followed.

As I discussed in my last blog, our group was trying to find ways to promote ISO throughout the Baton Rouge community, such as Baton Rouge Parents Magazine, 225 Magazine and the Advocate’s Faith section. We also attended the YMCA Summer Camp Expo. Since then, we held our major event for ISO.

The ISO Sports Fair was a big success. We had about 45 people attend the event. Although our evite was sent out to about 500 people, ML knew the attendance would be small. We felt that the 45 attendees was a solid number of people. The event went over very well. Everyone enjoyed the food, and the two children who won the door prizes were very excited. Once lunch was over, ML, Matt and Jordan brought the parents into another room to discuss ISO. Brannon, Krystal, Miracle and I brought the kids into the gym to play games. After the event, everyone seemed very pleased, especially the children. Here are some pictures from the event:

Now that the actual event is out of the way, finishing up with school has become my main focus, and deadlines must be followed. Just like in any Public Relations work, school also involves many deadlines. Whether it is finishing up the campaign, finishing my Media Law project or taking exams, times are getting a little stressful. The best way to handle this stress is to take one thing at a time.

Not much is left to do for our campaign. Our campaign book is almost complete, and editing will be our final step. We have also promised ML that we would make an ISO flier. Although he has not given us the necessary information yet, we have our design in mind. The flier will be a big item for ISO to use to promote outside of the church. Hopefully they will be able to use it for years to come.

In my MC 3080 Media Law class, we have our final service learning project to complete. I attended Southeast Middle School five times to read and teach children about cyberbullying. It was very interesting, and hopefully some of the students learned some new things. Our final project was to create a website to inform children of the effects of cyberbullying, and this is our project, MC 3080 Media Law Project. Hopefully students will look at our website and learn some things they did not know.

Even though things are a little stressful right now, the main goal is graduation. With only a few weeks left, there can be no room for error. Once all of my projects and finals are over, it will feel great to relax and then graduate.

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The day is almost here.

As I said in my last blog, finding new ways to promote ISO to the Baton Rouge community is extremely important. I listed a few options that we could use such as 225 Magazine, Baton Rouge Parents Magazine and the Advocate’s Faith Section. As a group we feel that creating a relationship with these channels will help increase participation in the future.

Not only did we focus on these three channels, but we also attended the YMCA Summer Camp Expo this past Saturday. This event was a great way to promote ISO and the Extreme Sports Camp. This event allowed many camps and organizations throughout the area to promote its services. It also prepared us as a group for our event, the ISO Sports Fair. The Expo included organizations such as cheerleading camps, summer camps and art camps. With different types of competition at the event, we had to really promote ISO to the families. I feel like we accomplished this goal. Every person who stopped by the booth was informed of the Extreme Sports Camp and of ISO sports leagues. Afterward, the families seemed educated about ISO services, and they looked excited to join. Overall we felt that this event was a success.

Now that we have practiced for our upcoming Sports Fair, it is time to focus on the actual event. The Sports Fair is taking place April 1 at 12:30 p.m. We have sent out an evite to the ISO mailing list and have reached many people. As of now we have 25 people who have confirmed that they are attending the event.

The Sports Fair will begin once the final church service is over and the parents and children arrive at Fellowship Hall. Parents will receive a ticket for our door prize drawing and then they will eat lunch. Once lunch is complete, the kids will be led to the Bain Building where we will have different stations of games for them to play.

Once the children are playing in the gym, ML Woodruff will begin the Sports Fair. He will explain to parents about the upcoming Extreme Sports Camp, which is currently taking registrations. ML will then take time to inform all of the guests about ISO. Since many members of the congregation still do not know about all of the events put on by ISO, this is a great way to promote the organization. Not only will it increase awareness of the organization, but it will hopefully increase future participation. Once ML is done addressing the guests, we will draw the two door prize winners. Once this is complete, the guests are free to leave.

With all of these details in place and a schedule to follow, hopefully the event will go as planned. The preparation is stressful but a successful event will make the effort worth the time.

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Maintaining relationships and conducting research is continuous.

As I said in my last blog, the preparation for our event has begun, and we have started to make progress. Although not much has changed, we have started a few things that will help with our campaign.

The first thing is that we have decided to attend the YMCA Summer Camp Fair on March 24th. This will give us extra practice for our ISO event. By bringing our fliers and posters of information, we will be able to see how parents respond to our way of promoting ISO and be able to get their overall impression of ISO. This event is important because it can be a type of research that we can use for our campaign. Either the parents will like us or they will not. If they do, then we can continue our way of promoting. If they do not like us, then we will  have to adapt and change our way of promoting ISO.

Another way that the YMCA can help us is that it gives ISO another channel through which it can promote its events and programs. This leads to my main point of this blog and that is the different channels through which ISO can promote its events.

As a group, we have recently focused on the different ways and resources that ISO can use to promote its events other than at the church. We decided that the Baton Rouge Parents Magazine, 225 Magazine and The Advocate Faith section are important channels.

The Baton Rouge Parents Magazine is important because it provides necessary information to help parents and families raise healthy, happy families and productive children. This magazine can easily help show that ISO is a great place to raise children while they participate in sporting events.

225 Magazine is important because it helps readers discover what Baton Rouge has to offer. If ISO can somehow get their events featured in this magazine, then it would draw a lot of attention to the programs. This in turn will lead to more participation.

Finally, the Advocate’s Faith Section is important because it allows different religious groups and organizations to promote their religions and events. ISO can use this to their advantage by informing the Baton Rouge area about current and future events put on by the church.

With these four channels ISO can really branch out to reach more participants, but building a relationship and keeping that relationship with these channels is a key to success. If we are able to connect with these channels and are able to promote ISO events for the future, then ISO will definitely see an increase in participation.

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The preparation has begun for our final event.

As the final event quickly approaches, our group has many things that we need to accomplish. From my last blog, it is clear that we created a logo, finished our research report  and decided on our final event. Now it is time to plan the event.

The timing of this campaign made it hard for us to pick an event, but we feel like we decided on a great idea. We wanted to increase the participation and registration numbers for the ISO baseball league, but registration was ending right after we started class. So we decided as a group to put on an awareness campaign for ISO. This awareness campaign will hopefully inform those members of the Istrouma Baptist Church congregation about the ISO services. In turn, we hope to increase attendance and participation in future ISO events. This is where the preparation begins.

As public relations professionals, we know it is important to stay relevant in the industry. Being able to change and use new forms of technology is a key in being a successful professional. As a group we have to think of the best way to get the most attendance and awareness for our event. Our awareness campaign or informational fair, will be held after the final church service on April 1st. We felt that being able to use the congregation that was already at the church was a great idea.

To make this event successful, we have started planning our actions on how we will start the campaign. We decided that our advertising and circulation of the event will have to be very strong. We plan on using fliers or pamphlets to give out to the congregation when we do one of our surveys at the church. The flier will give the information of when the event is taking place, what time the event is taking place and what the event is for. We also plan on using Istrouma’s digital billboard that is located right off the interstate and TV’s that are in the church lobby. Hopefully these tactics will work for the event.

The actual event will begin with a brief introduction by ML Woodruff  about what ISO is and how sports are done a different way. We will have booths set up with all sports represented so the parents can ask any question that comes to mind. While the parents are busy at the information fair, we also decided to put on an event for the children so they can have fun while their parents are learning about ISO. The children will end up playing some type of game in the gym during this time.

The main obstacle is getting donations for the food and refreshments we plan to offer the congregation after the event. As we know, relationships are key to getting donations. We will hopefully be able to use some of ISO’s current relationships to get donations. If we are not able to use these contributions, we will have to use our own public relations skills to make new relationships. Hopefully we will receive some donations to make this event a hit.

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Progress is key for a successful campaign.

As we move closer to our final goal as a class and group, many things have occurred since my last blog. Our group created a company name and logo, we decided on our major event and we have finished our first research report.

Our company name and logo was an easy decision. As a group we decided to create a name that showed success, and we chose the name Champion Sports Public Relations. We felt that the name “Champion” really fit our group and company because when people think of the best, they think of a champion. Hopefully our group will be able to provide the best work possible. Our logo for the company was also centered around a sports feel. We decided to create a logo with “baseball font” to show that we are a sports public relations firm. This type of logo is used for many baseball teams, and we wanted to reflect that same style for our company.

This is our logo:

As I explained in my last blog, my one concern was how our group was going to reach participants to join the Istrouma Sports Organization, or ISO. After holding a group meeting and brainstorming session, we finally decided that we will hold an informational gathering after one of the Sunday church services. While the informational part of the event is going on, we will also put on events and games for the kids to play. We plan on having food and drinks and basically getting everyone in the church informed about ISO.

My final part of this blog is to update the progress of our research portion of our campaign. We had many questions that needed to be answered. We decided to research the history of Istrouma and ISO, do a SWOT analysis of ISO, research sports organizations in Baton Rouge, research other religious sports organizations nationwide and research Baptist churches surrounding Istrouma.

We also created a survey which we will give out one Sunday after church. This survey will be our primary research for the campaign. Here is our created survey: 4005 Research.

The two main parts I wanted to elaborate on are the other sports organizations in Baton Rouge and Baptist churches surrounding Istrouma.

The East Baton Rouge Parish Recreation and Park Center, or  BREC, was established in 1946 and operates 184 parks. Their longstanding history and local affiliation is one reason BREC was researched. Since both organizations manage the same types of events, we felt that researching area sports organizations would help us find a way to possibly boost ISO’s attendance. This research helped us find different ways to get ISO’s message to the community.

The last form of research was to examine if any area Baptist church offered a sports program. The one church that responded to our email was Jefferson Baptist Church. Senior Pastor David Goza, explained that the church offers its members a sports program through another local church. This was the best information to receive. It proves that churches are willing to have working partnerships with other area churches. It also shows that churches are open to inter-church events, which works perfectly for ISO.

With one half of our research complete and our event in the works, the campaign is almost here. I can tell our group is ready to put on an awesome campaign.

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Blog 1

When this class first started, I was nervous about how it would turn out. Not having much Public Relations experience made it seem like this semester was going to be extremely tough. But after only one week of class, which involved a presentation and meeting with the Istrouma Sports Organization, I am very excited.

After meeting with ML Woodruff, the Sports Outreach Director for the Istrouma Sports Organization, I was able to get a better feel for this organization. After just one meeting, I feel like I was already welcomed into the Istrouma Church family. The staff members are very excited that we are here to help. Whether it is design help or anything needed for this campaign, they are available.

Mr. Woodruff explained that this organization wants to make the game about the kids, not the adults. The slogan for Istrouma is: “Doing Sports A Different Way!”, and that is a new way to look at sports. Woodruff felt that too many parents are trying to live out their sports lives through their children, and that is not right. The kids are supposed to learn how to play the game the right way and have fun while playing and that is what Istrouma is here to do.

After going through the list of events that Istrouma organizes, such as baseball, basketball, adult leagues and even equipment drives, the interest in this organization should be extremely high. But as Woodruff stated, the young participants coming from the community is low. So for this campaign we will have to find a way to boost Istrouma’s number of participants.

The only concern I have for this campaign is where are we going to find these young kids that have the time and interest to play sports. Obviously Istrouma has its base of participants but as a group we need to think outside the box and reach a new group of kids. One way is to possibly reach out to other church’s and try to encourage staff and members of the community to join with Istrouma and create a bigger sports organization. Another way is to possibly use as many media outlets as we can, such as radio,newspaper, billboards and even social media, to draw as much attention to the Istrouma Sports Organization as possible.

So for the first blog of this new campaign our group has a few challenges ahead. I feel like this group is dedicated and will find a way to help Istrouma as best we can.

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